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THE HARVEST HUSTLE CHALLENGE- Starts October 3rd, 2022

The Harvest Hustle Online Challenge is here! Join Halley & others in completing a 4 week workout plan. The challenge will contain 3 workouts per week, a fit test to measure progress, prerecorded workouts to follow along to, opportunities to win prizes, access into a private Facebook support group, weekly check-ins, fun ways to track your workouts, recipes, and more! Sign-up ends October 1st...Don't miss out!

(After clicking "add to cart", click shopping cart icon to checkout)

Signed up? HOORAY! You will receive an email a few days before the challenge begins.

**If your email is different than the one that your Paypal/payment is linked to, please send an email to with the correct email address that you'd like to receive challenge emails through. If you haven't received any emails for the challenge by Oct. 2nd please reach out!

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